• Our aim is to create timeless and contemporary architecture for private and public clients.

  • Functional clarity, esthetics, ecological and sustainable design are a priority. We appreciate energy- and cost efficiency.

  • We offer multiple design versions to accompany a diversity of ideas.

  • We use a combination of freehand and computer aided programs for drawing and visualization of the projects.

  • Works defining the urban image are based on an established analysis of the current status for urban construction and historical knowledge.

  • Two and a half decades of experience in planning and constructing different types of buildings offers a cost-proof strategy and an effective support for the projects.

  • Equal resources are applied for complex works or smaller projects with both newly constructed buildings and building redevelopment.

Postanschrift (Mailing adress):
Vogelsdorfer Steig 3
12589 Berlin

Bürositz / Headoffice
Waisenstraße 28 • 10179 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 375 91 235
E-Mail: vicent-architekten@gmx.de

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